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Salut encore de Pau!

Being a corporate expat in Paris entitles me to many wonderful perks.  One of those includes 150 hours of complementary private French classes including an immersion program. For my company, an immersion program basically entails being flown to Pau in the South-West of France and staying with a French family.  By day, you are treated […]


For those following my Vallée de la Loire adventure, we headed to the city of Tours and Château Cheverny after Chambord and Blois.  What struck me most during this brief 4 day adventure was how varied and unique these little cities and châteaux were.  Cheverny was particularly exciting for this reason because it felt a bit more adventurous in […]

Vallée de la Loire (II) – Blois

The Loire Valley adventure continues… as we made our way to the adorable town of Blois after Chambord.  This wasn’t initially on the plan but given its close proximity to Tours, our next destination after Orléans, it only made sense to travel through it while we still had a few hours of sunlight. I fell in […]

Vallée de la Loire (I) – Château Chambord

It is said that France contains over 1000 châteaux, about 300 of which are situated in the magical Loire Valley in central France.  Of these, about 100 are open to the public.  Can you imagine just how rich this country must have been to have over one thousand castles scattered through its terrain. It’s mind boggling. As […]

When in Marseille…

Marseille is one of those polarizing cities that people either love or hate, the French included…at least those I asked!  I don’t know what you’ve heard about it, if anything at all, but it’s reputation precedes it, and sadly, it’s not a very good one.  Marseille is not a city for the faint-hearted as its rough and […]

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