BIG news and an overdue bonjour!!

love birds 2Dear friends,

First of all I must apologize for an inacceptable absence.  I have so missed writing and sharing my Parisian adventures with you and oh my goodness there have been so many in the past few months! Trips around France, trips around Europe, trips to Dubai…all amounting to an incredible collection of memories.

In fact, my boyfriend of almost 3 years proposed in June!!  Yes i knowww!!!  It was an ultra-romantic proposal and the best surprise a girl could have wished for.  I was in Dubai for a week’s holiday and he flew there as a complete surprise and quite literally whisked me off my feet…on to a boat he had rented, on which he proposed.  I was drunk on shock and can hardly remember what he said!  I hugged him sooo hard mid-sentence I didn’t even see his face as he said what he did!  Fast-forward to a beautiful dinner on the beach where I was still delirious with excitement and still in shock.  It was an incredible night.  And since that moment, my life has, quite frankly, flipped on its heels.

I’m not sure I agree with women who say nothing changes after getting engaged or married.  A LOT changes.  Everything is more intense.  You realize that you are truly accountable for someone else’s happiness and that every choice you make from that moment on is no longer just about you.  Of-course that has been the case throughout our relationship but it’s just different.  I guess that’s the beauty of starting a family .  Emotions are charged, love is renewed and there is a deeper appreciation for the “us” that is suddenly propelled to an other-worldly level.  In a nutshell, it’s wonderful.  And I absolutely love the words of this quote below because they are so true.  I have fallen in love with my N over and over again, so many times since then.

What’s also been incredibly wonderful is planning the wedding.  PS – it’s hard work!!  But there are so many amazing sites out there that are so rich in stunning photos and inspirations and it has been so much fun immersing myself into this gorgeous world.  Between us, I have seriously considered the wedding planning business quite a few times over these past few months!!

And Paris…  Paris is still here and still mine and still as beautiful as ever.  Fall has descended upon us and the temperatures have dropped considerably.  We are bundled in scarves and poofy coats and as Thanksgiving draws near, I can only stop to look back at the unbelievable year of fortune I have had and be grateful for all the love and luck I am surrounded by every day.

I will be back with more photos of my adventures as soon as I get a moment between juggling the wedding and work and life.

For now I send you lots of love from the city of love & lights ♥




  1. Congratulations!! You will have to keep us posted on your wedding plans (I’m just curious about which country you will have the wedding in since you have globe trotted all over the world!). Can’t wait to read more.

    1. Thanks Amelie!! ( : I’ve missed your messages on the site! Will definitely keep you posted! I hope you’ve been well and happy. Blow a big kiss to NYC, I love it at this time of year and am missing it immensely!

  2. congratulations. that is wonderful news.

    1. Thank-you so much!! ( :

  3. Welcome back! And yes all very true!

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