Those who follow me regularly will know I don’t share much of my personal life.  I’m actually quite the same in my real life.  But I wanted to make an exception today because I think this story deserves to be shared and because I want to capture this feeling that I’m feeling forever because for the first time in my life I feel so damn lucky in love and I recognize that I am living a fairytale.

Two years ago today I took a flight from Dubai to Paris to meet my best friend.  Only he wasn’t my best friend at the time.  He was just a guy I had accidentally met in Dubai where he was vacationing for less than a week.  Do you believe in destiny?  I do.  I always have but little did I know that the stars were aligning for me at that specific moment in time; because something happened.  I can’t say I was aware, I’m generally quite aloof and I cant even take credit for having vision because if the truth must be told, with my over idealistic view on love, vision was the last thing I had; but I think he did because he told me almost a year later that he tried to change his flight out on that 31st of December 2010.  He left and my life went on as usual, or so I thought because that’s the thing with love.  It can be so devious.  Subtle, slow and unexpected.  It does not strike you suddenly, but rather, like the magic of change, creeps up on you with time.  We wrote and wrote and wrote for months until a work trip I had to Paris was postponed because the Easter holidays had delayed the arrival of my visa by 2 teensy days making me miss a company training.  My French teacher at the time insisted I go anyway.  And so after little internal debate, I decided to treat myself to a well-deserved break and a weekend with the man I didn’t know I was slowly falling for.  That weekend was magical because it was simple and easy and uncomplicated.  Everything felt right and effortless.  Not for one moment did I question what I was doing or who I was with.  It was perfect.

And there began a long-distance adventure that lasted almost 2 years.  It was hard and required a lot of effort but it never felt like effort.  Slowly emails turned to texts.  And texts to bbm msgs and bbm msgs to Skype and eventually phone-calls until we found ourselves inseparable.  Today he is on a business trip in London and I feel strangely incomplete.  We’ve been apart for the most part of our relationship but the distance is ironically only getting harder, not easier.  I can’t bear not to see him or to feel him or to hear his voice.  His presence simply makes me happy.  I am currently sitting in my little Parisian living room dwarfed by 13 beautiful long-stemmed roses and missing him like mad.  I dont know how this happened and somedays I am baffled by how long we have been together because it feels like a lifetime and a moment all at once.

One of my favorite memories from our 1st weekend in Paris was on the rooftop of Georges Pompidou.  I took the sepia picture you see here from there.  It was a beautiful May day (unlike today!).  The wind rustled, the sun shone and the rooftops of Paris had never looked more beautiful.

To my N, you are my love, my life, my everything.  Everyday with you feels like an adventure.  I can’t imagine where I would be if you hadn’t come into my life.   We made it.  No ocean or number of miles can come in our way.  Who would have ever imagined that the photo we took that May weekend would become one of our first memories.  Who would have ever imagined we would both be living in Paris just two years later.  With you by my side, I feel fearless.   But I am vulnerable only to you.  I am truly, madly, deeply, crazy in love with you.  My heart wants only you.  I can’t wait to have you back in Paris because it is nothing without you in it.  Happy 2 years my love.  And counting… x

Paris in sepia



  1. How beautiful! :]

    1. Thanks Ashley! : )

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