Hello 2013: Resolutions + a new adventure

Dubai New Years Eve 2012

It’s 2013!  Where oh where did last year go?  As I mentioned in my last post, I celebrated New Years Eve in Dubai and what a celebration it was!  Here you can see two of the photos I took from the night.  Burj Khalifa was lit like a giant christmas tree as we were stunned with a crazy firework display that left us utterly speechless.  Being slightly far away from the action however meant that we couldn’t hear the countdown and I have to say that this has created somewhat of an internal confusion for me.  How can you get closure on the year before and start a new year without a countdown?  It turns out the innocent 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1… is a powerful symbol and a marker of time that has more significance that i ever imagined. And so I have felt like i am floating in limbo ever since, lost between the worlds of 2012 and 2013 like a nomad walking through one big hazy blur.  It’s a strange feeling because it doesn’t feel like a new year and I am struggling to cope with this emotion.

Nonetheless, it IS 2013 and with that comes a new responsibility towards new resolutions and boy do I have some big ones for 2013.  In no particular order, I want to:

  1. Discover at least 10 new places this year (last year it was 2.  i have had to up the stakes here considerably given i want to take full advantage of being in Europe!)
  2. Follow the Paleo Diet strictly for at least 3 months.  (i am going back to my caveman roots with this modern nutritional plan based on foods consumed during the Paleolithic era.  No grains.  No sugar.  No dairy.  No preservatives.  GULP)
  3. Get back on the exercise wagon with the aim of getting to minimum body fat by Dec 2013 (its been 2 years of nothing, im toast)
  4. Improve my French with the goal of watching a French movie without subtitles by July 2013 (am i being too ambitious?)
  5. Do something BIG for someone i dont know (not sure who or what but i’ll figure it out along the way)

So there you have it.  I am leaving it at just 5 because i think this is an extremely ambitious list if very short.  As always, fitness and diet make a big presence.  Number 2 will be a particular challenge while living in Paris.  I am surrounded by temptation every day but I’ve decided this is something i WANT to do.  My body is in need of a major detox and I am going to see this through starting January 14th… for some weight loss but mainly to feel healthy, light, more energetic, less tired and fit.

Why January 14th…well dear readers, although I returned to Paris only yesterday, today I am embarking on another new adventure which will in fact allow me to tackle points 1 and 4 above.  This afternoon I head down to Pau, a city in the Southwest of France.  It is 100 km from the Atlantic Ocean and 50 km from the Pyrenees. Spain is just 50 km away in a straight line.  Apparently it is topographically beautiful, especially in the summertime and is well known for its nearby ski resorts in the winter.  More importantly, it is in Basque Country so it is even more famous for its food.  I have been instructed by several people to fully indulge.  I’m not sure about “fully”, but ive decided that food is part of any cultural discovery and so the reigns will be tightened once I’m back.

Why Pau you may be wondering…well, my company is sending me there to live with a French family I have never seen or met before in an effort to fully “immerse” me in the French language and culture.  Talk about pressure!  I am a little anxious but mostly very excited about what’s to come.  I will be in Pau until next Sunday so I will do my best to keep you posted on my adventures!  Until then, wish me luck!  As of this evening, I will not be allowed to speak anything but French so it will be a very interesting week to say the least!  How I will share my adventures with you is yet to be determined…maybe I can sneak in some English for my readers! ( ;  Stay tuned…


One comment

  1. Love the resolutions especially numbers 1,4, and 5. Gluck and cheers to a new year!

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