Changing my ways // the challenge

Those who know me know I am a self-confessed workaholic.  You would think that I would start to take it easy now that I have a new job lined up however I still seem to be stuck in my old ways… leaving late, checking emails on weekends and until late and even worse, whining constantly and letting it affect my every waking moment.  I guess I am halfway to success as the first step towards making progress is admitting you have an issue.  I am certainly not in denial but I still have massive difficulties letting go.

In an effort to encourage me to emotionally detach and to lower my stress levels in the midst of all this chaos and uncertainty (still no word on the damn visa!) N has come up with an incentive scheme to encourage me to leave early but more importantly to redirect my energy (and secretly im reduce my whining!).  I looove a good challenge!

The rules of the game are as follows…I gain one point for every day I leave work at or before 7pm until I reach 10 points.  I’m ashamed to admit that I cheated a couple of days ago so my balance is currently at negative two (he is merciless!) and my objective is to hit 13 points in the next couple of weeks before I hopefully see him.  If I make it there, my reward as you have probably already guessed is a day at Euro Disney!!! ( :  I even managed to negotiate Minnie Mouse ears into the deal!

Being the romantic that I am, Disney Land is my ultimate escape from reality into a world of magic.  I am ridiculously excited to cash in my prize!   Now, I need to make sure I collect my points!  I am proud to report that I left work at 6pm today.  I had an appointment which forced me to leave, but still, I made it!

I am 15 points away from the magical kingdom that is supposedly the happiest place on earth.


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