Hello again everyone! Introducing my new blog!  As mentioned in my last post, I will no longer be writing on thefakeparisienne – at least until life takes me back to Paris! For now, join me at http://www.lostincake.wordpress.com to follow my adventures through Asia! -D x  

Hello everyone!  Once again, I am back with my tail between my legs begging for forgiveness from this unforgivable absence.  Then again, who noticed I was gone!? hehe  Either way, you have all been such supportive followers that I wanted to update you on my whereabouts. Since my last post wayyyyy back in November, I […]

Dear friends, First of all I must apologize for an inacceptable absence.  I have so missed writing and sharing my Parisian adventures with you and oh my goodness there have been so many in the past few months! Trips around France, trips around Europe, trips to Dubai…all amounting to an incredible collection of memories. In […]

A couple of months ago I came across a colorful angry birds street art in the Marais. It made me laugh. That funny face and that bright chunky body made for a surprising treat on that dirty wall. A few weekends ago as we wondered through the Marais, I saw them again but this time […]

Sometimes in life, all a girl needs is some sugar, her thoughts and a good little notebook in which to make her lists. In a rare moment of quiet and solitude after a whirlwind of a past few weeks, La Durée on the 1st floor of Printemps served as my solace.  Life feels good… and a […]

While I have many favorite flowers,  roses sit high on the top of that list.  There is a certain romance that comes with the elaborate folds and pleats of this fragrant flower that makes it utterly irresistable, especially in pink! I have been to Jardins des Plantes a number of times but never noticed this rather […]

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all those fasting in Paris and across the world – including my wonderful personal trainer Mourad – a very blessed Ramadan.  May all your prayers be answered, all your fasts be accepted and may this holiest of months bring you all the peace and love in the world. Ramadan […]

  February 9 2012:  thefakeparisienne was born March 29 2013: she had 50 followers Today: she has 100 followers Thank-you all humbly for your loyalty, your interest and your comments.  You make me feel like my Parisian adventures don’t fall on deaf ears.  It is thanks to every one of you that I continue to (manically) […]

I’m back from an incredible weekend in Switzerland!  The weather couldn’t have been any better.  Seriously perfect.  That July sun that hangs high in the sky tinting your skin a summer tan and the soft evening sun that lasts well into the night casting soft shadows and an ethereal luminescence over everything it touches.  Really breathtaking and […]

It feels like ages since I posted something and that’s because it has been a long time!  I go through periods where I am writing almost daily and others where I can’t find a moment to myself.  The last few weeks have felt like the latter with lots and lots of travelling in between.  In fact, […]

It seems my party days are long gone.  I left work around 7ish this past Friday super excited to celebrate my first Fête de la Musique à Paris!  Based on recommendations from a colleague, we chose to head to Republique which did not disappoint.  There was a large variety of bands and musicians on every other corner […]

While strolling through the 5eme a few weeks ago,we stumbled upon this rather obscure little shop which barely boasted any branding (a recurring trend in Paris I am noticing, see here!) and which seemed quite plain on the outside. But with a name like Sugar Plum you immediately know what you’re in for! As soon […]

I’m finally back to Paris after a whirlwind past two weeks.  First Pau and then Dubai.  It was fantastic to step out of the airport yesterday evening wearing a sleeveless shirt!  Paris certainly welcomed me back from sunny Dubai with the soft landing I needed.  To finish off my amazing vacation before getting back to work, we […]

Guess where I am??? No, not California! I’m back home! To the sunny skies of Dubai and the warmth that I have so so missed! It’s amazing to escape the weather-unpredictability of France for a whole week. To feel the sun on your skin and the warmth! All day, everyday and without even having to […]

Being a corporate expat in Paris entitles me to many wonderful perks.  One of those includes 150 hours of complementary private French classes including an immersion program. For my company, an immersion program basically entails being flown to Pau in the South-West of France and staying with a French family.  By day, you are treated […]

Our Loire Valley adventure continued as we made our way to the incredibly majestic Château de Chenonceau.  This one was probably one of my favorites.  It felt like a real castle with all the turrets, gardens and even the incredible Alice in Wonderland like labyrinth.  The fact that it sits on a river renders it even more […]

Colorful birds grace a boutique shop’s window ushering in the season we love best…

Lausanne harbor, a speedboat, the wind in my hair.  A breathtaking backdrop of the incredibly majestic snow-capped Alps.  Reflections grace the Lac Leman.  Ducks glide across the water.  Boats scattered everywhere.  Nothing around us only 10 minutes out.  Engines off.  Calm.  A still that is incredible.  Not a sound, not a whisper.  Not a ripple in […]

As if by magic, the change of month ushered in a completely different climate.  between Friday and Saturday, it felt like Paris transformed. I spent my Saturday, June 1st at the grounds of Roland Garros, one of the four Grand Slams of the tennis world and a huge cultural happening in France.  It was great […]

When I first met N in Paris on 13.05.11 I told him that the Montmartre / Sacré-Cœur area was one of my favorites.  He told me Rue Mouffetard was his.  I took him to Montmarte,  he took me to Rue Mouffetard.  It was love.  Us I mean but also that street.  I could see why he loved […]

I have a childlike fascination when it comes to dinosaurs.  These incredible reptiles have been a source of major curiosity for me ever since I could read about them.  I am utterly engrossed by what the earth was like millions of years ago.  The Land Before Time was an epic movie while I was growing up (remember the theme song by Diana […]

Beautiful spring blooms of yellow and orange colored the Jardins des Plantes a beautiful pop of shades as we strolled through the gardens last Saturday.  Despite the ominous grey skies and the heavy clouds, that later drenched us completely, signs of Spring are everywhere around the city.  Now if only the temperature would follow suit…

In a quiet corner of the 5eme arrondisment of Paris lies a hidden gem.  The beautiful structure that is La Grande Mosquée de Paris is one of the largest mosques in Paris and has held its location for many many years. Unfortunately we were there on a Friday, the religious day for Muslims, and so visitation was closed for […]

First of all, let me apologize in advance for this boring blog entry.  I generally hate these kinds of posts but trust me on this one!  I’m not sure if any of you noticed this modest white and blue button that unassumingly found its place on the home page of my blog.  It looks like […]

I don’t know what genius momentum is behind this movement but more and more specialty stores are making their mark around town.  These shops create only one type of product but they do it really really well.  I’ve seen confiture shops and thé shops and choux à la crème shops and there seems no end to what may come next. I first discovered this […]

I wanted to share what I think are some exceptionally stunning photos from my short stay in Tours a few weeks ago.  This is one of my favorite times of the year as blossoms explode and colors start to breathe life back into winters stark nature.  One of my dreams is to visit Japan in […]

A couple of weekends ago I experienced the perfect Saturday morning.  You know those lazy mornings when you know there is no screeching alarm to wake you up or disturb you from a wonderful dream.  You open the curtain carefully, with caution, and low and behold…sunshine!  Just to be extra careful you check the weather app on your iPhone…20C temps!  Then you can […]

For those following my Vallée de la Loire adventure, we headed to the city of Tours and Château Cheverny after Chambord and Blois.  What struck me most during this brief 4 day adventure was how varied and unique these little cities and châteaux were.  Cheverny was particularly exciting for this reason because it felt a bit more adventurous in […]

What I adore about this city is that daily life here is never mundane.  Even an ordinary Sunday morning can turn into a wonderful adventure.  There is always so much to see and do and even 6 months later that is the case. A couple of weekends ago N surprised me with a helium balloon […]

Have the Angry Birds landed in Paris? I came across this colorful street art in the Marais recently.  I loved the contrast of these fluorescent blues and greens against the worn-out, graffiti-riddled wall. The (real) birds are finally back in Paris and tweeting away making my mornings generally happier.  This past week however, the temps […]

Those who follow me regularly will know I don’t share much of my personal life.  I’m actually quite the same in my real life.  But I wanted to make an exception today because I think this story deserves to be shared and because I want to capture this feeling that I’m feeling forever because for […]

Last weekend, we finally made it to Rose Bakery after a previously failed attempt to get in.  This quaint little organic bakery is British-owned and currently exists in two locations in Paris: the Marais (3eme) and near Montmartre (9eme).  The 1st attempt to visit was on a chilly Sunday in the Marais when we just […]

The Loire Valley adventure continues… as we made our way to the adorable town of Blois after Chambord.  This wasn’t initially on the plan but given its close proximity to Tours, our next destination after Orléans, it only made sense to travel through it while we still had a few hours of sunlight. I fell in […]

Ladies – most of you will relate to me here!  ba&sh certainly knew how to turn even the heads of men (oh yeah!) as we walked passed this innocent-looking shop window yesterday.  When will our men understand that our motivation to shop is genuinely fueled by a greater cause? I mean really guys, how about […]

I recently received a “just because” gift that I loved!  N handed me a cylindrically wrapped gift that resembled a huge sweetie.  Being a lover of surprises, I couldn’t wait to tear into it and what I saw made me soo excited!  For the explorer, planner (and child) in me it was perfect!  This super […]

It is said that France contains over 1000 châteaux, about 300 of which are situated in the magical Loire Valley in central France.  Of these, about 100 are open to the public.  Can you imagine just how rich this country must have been to have over one thousand castles scattered through its terrain. It’s mind boggling. As […]

CONVERSE SHOES! Now seriously, who hasn’t owned at least one pair of converse shoes in his lifetime?  They are the epitome of comfort, the quality standard for sneakers and a statement in themselves thanks to the retro, trendy, (now geek-chic) design of they’re classical high-tops, the Chuck Taylor All-Star’s.  The brand released a more feminine […]

More and more I am realizing that the walls of Paris are a white canvas for artists and comedians. Every weekend I am more and more surprised by the frequency and quality of their art.  Today was naturally no exception.  We spent the late morning walking through the Marais before we settled on brunch at Cafe […]

Signs of spring are everywhere making this already beautiful city even more stunning as green trees grace her wide avenues and colorful flowers adorn her busy sidewalks.  It’s a happy place in Paris right now, even if the temperature is still fluctuating.  Ironically, I am spending this part cloudy, part sunny Saturday indoors and loving […]

LAUGHING FOR NO APPARENT REASON. My humor can be quite basic sometimes or perhaps I am longing to hear English in the streets but walking past this barely noticeable café with no sign in the Marais a few weekends ago really made me chuckle.  As pathetic as it may sound, I love how I can be […]

I’ve spent a huge part of this past week clearing photos from my iPhone because my obsessive photography habits had totally jammed the phone making it virtually impossible to take any new photos without having to delete some.  I should probably mention right now that I’m very bad at regularly downloading and clearing my phone. […]

Life since this past Sunday April 14th has literally flipped on its heels.  I’m sure Mother Nature is hiding behind a tree somewhere doing summersaults.  The sun has been shining nonstop, there’s a new luminosity glowing over Paris and the temperature is just delightful.  I’m talking cool wispy breezes that tease you in every possible way.  It […]

What struck me about this beautiful work of art was its roughness.  And what felt like an evolution of form in some sorts.  You can almost imagine the silhouette of this stern, moustached man standing lonesome against this wall until gradually, over time, thanks to some rebels, his plain black attire was covered with one doodle after another… a […]

PARIS IN THE SPRINGTIME Have you ever seen the movie French Kiss for Meg Ryan?  Being a self-confessed chick-flick aficionado, her older movies sit very high on my list of can-watch-200-times movies.  Her romantic comedies are so dreamy and she was just adorable in all those characters, always rambunctious, stubborn and macho on the outside but a hopeless romantic […]

Marseille is one of those polarizing cities that people either love or hate, the French included…at least those I asked!  I don’t know what you’ve heard about it, if anything at all, but it’s reputation precedes it, and sadly, it’s not a very good one.  Marseille is not a city for the faint-hearted as its rough and […]

These days I’ve been travelling faster than I can document my travel adventures so I’m naturally behind on my posts! As I mentioned in my last entry, we made Aix-en-Provence our “home base” and decided to explore further south the next day.  It was perfectly sunny and we wanted to be as close to the […]

For Easter weekend and because even the most resilient eskimo needs some sunshine and warmth, we headed South for the long weekend with one objective: R&R in the sunshine.  The minute we got off the TGV in Aix-en-Provence, we knew we had made the right decision.  A beautiful 17C wind flirted with our skin and the warm […]

In an unassuming corner on the ground floor of the famous department store Printemps somewhere between Chloé and Burberry sits a beautiful cordoned off section for one of the newest kids on the [patisseries] blocks…Café Pouchkine. True to its name, this is a Russian patisseries famous in Moscow since 1999. Their creations are inspired by […]

Just a few months ago I was a Dubai-based working girl on the brink of starting a new life as an expat in Paris.  It feels strange to write it this way because it sounds so normal, because it is normal to me now, but honestly…how cool is that!!  And some days (especially on sunny ones like today) I experience these “I […]

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